Make the world's best espresso and cappuccino, right in your own kitchen!

Do you own a home espresso machine, but don't quite know how to use it?

Or are you considering buying one but not sure how good you'll be able to make your coffee at home?

Or do you simply want to learn how to be the world's best home barista?

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Torstein Drinking Coffee Torstein Pouring Coffee

I'm Torstein, and The Kitchen Barista is my 45 minute instructional film. My aim is to teach you how to get the most out of your home espresso machine. Forget dry and boring manuals and confusing YouTube-videos. I'll teach you everything you need to know from A to Z about making perfect espresso based drinks, right at home in your own kitchen.

You see, making good coffee is easy. It comes down to three basic principals that you need to keep under control: Technique, cleanliness and quality of coffee. We'll cover them all, and here is how we're gonna do it:

We'll start by exploring how the espresso machine works, and its key functions. I'll then show you how to make the perfect espresso, and break it down to a step by step guide. We'll go in-depth in all the factors you need to have control over, like extraction time and temperature, but relax, its not gonna be too technical either. Afterwards we'll steam some milk, so you can make those lovely cappuccinos for your friends or family. Not to forget latte-art, which is an important trick of the trade. I’ll then explain you how to thoroughly clean the machine so it doesn’t clog up and break down. And all this in a 45 minute film.

I'll send a DVD over, or if you prefer, you can be nice to the environment and download the film to your computer, your iPod or your iPad (with the two latter ones being cool, interactive versions. It saves you money too!) - coming spring 2011

Torstein is 23 years old and from Norway. He’s been working with coffee for about 8 years, since the age of 14. At the age of 15, he competed in the Norwegian Barista Championship, being the youngest contestant in the world ever to get to the finals of a national barista competition. Torstein has been holding workshops and courses for home baristas in several countries since the age of 16. Torstein currently resides in the UK.