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Miele CM7750 CoffeeSelect Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine (Open Box - Obsidian Black)

$5,999.99 CAD
$4,499.00 CAD
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CM7750 Obsidian Black

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2 Year Warranty
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**Note:** This OPEN BOX item is a pristine, unused product that includes all its original accessories, packaging, and manual. Despite being an open box, this item has never been used. It offers the same quality, completeness, and functionality as a brand-new product. All original components and accessories are included, ensuring a comprehensive and satisfactory user experience.

Introducing the cm7750 Countertop coffee machine, a perfect companion for coffee lovers seeking maximum flexibility and exceptional coffee enjoyment. With its innovative features like CoffeeSelect and AutoDescale, it offers a truly customizable and effortless coffee experience.

CoffeeSelect: Experience perfect enjoyment with CoffeeSelect. This unique feature allows you to select the right bean type for your desired coffee specialty. With three bean containers, you can always prepare your coffee using the perfect coffee bean, ensuring a delightful and personalized cup every time.

AutoDescale: Say goodbye to manual descaling with the cm7750's AutoDescale function. This fully automatic descaling system takes care of the descaling process for you, ensuring that your machine remains in optimal condition without the hassle of manual maintenance.

AromaticSystemFresh: Enjoy the pleasure of always freshly ground coffee with AromaticSystemFresh. This feature ensures that your coffee is ground just before brewing, capturing the full aroma and flavor for a truly satisfying cup.

OneTouch for Two: Prepare two coffees simultaneously at the touch of a button with OneTouch for Two. Share the joy of a perfect cup with a friend or loved one, as this feature guarantees that both cups are prepared to perfection.

WiFiConn@ct: Communicate effortlessly with your appliance using WiFiConn@ct. This convenient feature allows you to control and monitor your coffee machine remotely, providing you with the easiest way to interact with your appliance and customize your coffee preparations.

CupSensor: The cm7750's CupSensor ensures automatic adjustment of the central spout. It recognizes the cup rim and adjusts the position of the spout accordingly, ensuring the ideal distance for a seamless coffee experience.

CM Touch: Operating the cm7750 is touchingly simple with the CM Touch display. Easily navigate through the intuitive touch screen interface to achieve gourmet results with just a fingertip.

Easy Cleaning: Enjoy easier cleaning with the cm7750. Its removable components and automatic cleaning processes guarantee machine hygiene and cleanliness, making maintenance a breeze.

Coffee enjoyment is in perfect harmony with the cm7750. Its exceptional design and the seamless interplay of components, including the grinder, brew unit, and pump, ensure a superb coffee experience with every cup.


Auto Shut Off yes
Hot Coffee Drinks Coffee • Espresso
Hot Milk Drinks Steam • Cappuccino • Caffè Latte • Latte Macchiato • Espresso Macchiato • Flat White
Milk System Automatic Milk Frother
Removable Drip Tray
Removable Water Tank
Touch Display Controls
Water Level Indicator
Onetouch for two Onetouch for two
Wificonn@ct Wificonn@ct
Cupsensor Cupsensor
Autodescale Autodescale
Aromaticsystemfresh Aromaticsystemfresh

Technical Specifications

Dimensions H 16.53 in
Dimensions L 17.52 mm
Dimensions W 12.24 in
Input Power 1450
Made In Switzerland
Rated Voltage Frequency 120V ~ 60Hz
Water Reservoir Capacity 2.2 L
Water Source Water Tank


2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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Miele CM7750 CoffeeSelect Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine (Open Box - Obsidian Black)

$5,999.99 CAD
$4,499.00 CAD

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