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ACAIA Orbit Coffee Grinder 120V (Space Grey)

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Space Grey

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Introducing the ACAIA Orbit Coffee Grinder (120V)

Experience coffee perfection with the ACAIA Orbit, designed to meet the demands of discerning coffee enthusiasts. Boasting unique features tailored to enhance your brewing journey, this grinder offers unparalleled precision and convenience.

Single-Dosing Friendly Design

The ACAIA Orbit is single-dosing friendly, featuring an automatic cleaning purge that minimizes retention during grinding. Seamlessly integrate with the ACAIA Lunar scale for effortless dosing, activating the grind by weight function for precise measurements with every dose.

Proprietary Technology for Advanced Control

Built with ACAIA's proprietary technology, from the motor driver to the companion app, the Orbit offers advanced control over RPM and energy efficiency. Harness the power of the companion app to adjust grind speed between 600-1500 RPM, customize Orbit button actions, save profiles for grind by weight or time, and more.

Tailored to Your Brewing Needs

Equipped with 64mm flat steel burrs and stepless grind adjustment, the ACAIA Orbit is ready to tackle any coffee brewing task. Its single-dosing workflow features a knocking chute and automatic purge to minimize coffee retention, ensuring each grind is fresh and flavorful.

Companion App for Customization

Unlock the full potential of the Orbit with the companion app, offering customization options for three grinding presets, including RPM adjustment and profiling. Pair with the Lunar espresso scale to access the grind by weight function, enabling precise dosing without the need for pre-weighing your beans.

Choose Your Burrs

Select from Mazzer 33M burrs for classic espresso and balanced filter coffee brewing, or opt for SSP Multipurpose burrs for high clarity brews and modern espresso. With a 0.75mm thread pitch, the Orbit allows for precise dialing in, whether you're brewing a light roast or a dark roast coffee masterpiece.


Technical Specifications

Bean Container Capacity 400 g
Dimensions H 394 mm
Dimensions L 266 mm
Dimensions W 108 mm
48923936391468 ADS STOCK 1
48923936424236 ADS STOCK 1
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ACAIA Orbit Coffee Grinder 120V (Space Grey)

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