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Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale (Classic Black)

$210.00 CAD
Classic Black

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Redesigned Acaia Pearl — Elevating Precision and Pleasure in Coffee Brewing

Say hello to the revamped Acaia Pearl, a triumph of innovation. While retaining all the beloved classic features, we’ve poured even more thought into its design, transforming your coffee brewing into a seamless blend of precision, pleasure, and ease. This is your ticket to mastering the art of pour-over, armed with a real-time flow-rate indicator and an array of new modes. But if simplicity is your style, stick to monitoring weight and time — the options are limitless.

A Reimagined Gem

We've completely reengineered the Acaia Pearl with our latest weighing technology, enhancing its speed and performance. Embrace the novel built-in Flow-Rate Indicator, embrace the convenience of USB-C charging, and revel in the brighter display tailored for sunlit spaces. For a firsthand glimpse of the new Pearl in action, watch our video.

Colors with Depth

Introducing a true black edition, adding a touch of depth to the palette.

Master the Flow

Witness the real-time flow-rate indicator, a visual marvel that teaches you to finesse your pouring speed in the moment. This tool not only elevates your overall brewing skills but also ensures your desired extraction ratios are consistently achieved.

Rapid and Responsive

Thanks to the new weighing technology, the Pearl stabilizes faster and with pinpoint accuracy during brewing. A time-saving asset, especially for bustling baristas.

Sunlight Readability Perfected

With adjustable brightness, our display effortlessly adapts to indoor lighting conditions. Plus, its enhanced brightness makes it a breeze to read even outdoors.

Modes Tailored to You

Whether you opt for Dual Display Mode, Auto-Start Timer Mode, or Beverage Mode, our essential brewing modes cater to your diverse brewing styles.

USB-C Powered

Breathe eco-friendliness into your brewing routine. The lithium battery lasts a staggering 30-40 hours, making it a greener power source. If you enjoy a cup a day, recharging becomes a quarterly affair.

Engineered for Durability

Crafted to industrial standards and featuring a modular design, the Pearl is the choice of every dedicated coffee brewer. It draws its roots from laboratory scale technology, ensuring unmatched robustness. Every scale is a labor of precision, meticulously crafted, examined, and calibrated before it journeys to you.


Technical Specifications

Dimensions H 32 mm
Dimensions L 160 mm
Dimensions W 160 mm
Available to connect to app Available to connect to app
Battery 1100 ma lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Battery life Up to 30~40 hours
Display 8-digit led
Maximum capacity 2000g/ 70.55 oz

What's in the Box

Scale x 1 unit
Heat Resistant Coaster
USB Type-C Charger Cable


1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale (Classic Black)

$210.00 CAD