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Bellezza Inizio Leva R Dual Circuit Rotation Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine (Black)

$2,495.00 CAD
$1,995.00 CAD
Stainless Steel

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Introducing the Inizio, an embodiment of German Engineering taken to extraordinary limits. This formidable machine effortlessly combines the art of milk steaming and espresso extraction. What's more, the Inizio offers unparalleled convenience, allowing you to connect it directly to a water supply or utilize its built-in tank, courtesy of the commercial rotary pump. Prepare to astonish friends and family with the remarkable drinks you can create using this exceptional device.

Established in 1975 as Beberich Kaffeemaschinen, this family-run business transformed into Bellezza in 2017. While upholding their revered motto, "Espresso - Tradizione," Bellezza fearlessly ventures beyond tradition to innovate. The Inizio, their pride and joy, has been meticulously crafted to exceed the loftiest expectations.

Distinguishing itself from other heat exchange machines, the Inizio boasts carefully considered features such as intuitive joystick controls and a programmable PID with a built-in shot timer. These remarkable additions elevate the Inizio to a league of its own. Bellezza has masterfully transformed impeccably engineered German designs into a unique creation that outshines its competition.

By employing a heat exchange system, Bellezza empowers you to extract espresso and steam milk simultaneously, without compromising on quality. This boiler system is tailored for individuals who relish in the art of crafting exquisitely blended beverages that rival those served in your favorite local cafes.

With the Inizio, Bellezza has harnessed the essence of espresso excellence, delivering a machine that transcends expectations and redefines what's possible in coffee craftsmanship.


Pre Infusion
Removable Water Tank

Technical Specifications

Boiler Type Heat-Exchanger
Dimensions H 39.7 cm • 15.6 in
Dimensions L 48.7 cm • 19.2 in
Dimensions W 297 cm • 11.7 in
Input Power 1800
Made In Germany
Portafilter Size 58 mm
Pump Type Rotary
Rated Voltage Frequency 120V ~ 60Hz
Water Reservoir Capacity 2.4 L
Water Source Plumbed In • Water Tank

What's in the Box

Single-Spouted Portafilter
Double-Spouted Portafilter
Metal Tamper
2 and 4 Hole Steam Tips
Cleaning Cover
Cleaning Brush
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Bellezza Inizio Leva R Dual Circuit Rotation Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine (Black)

$2,495.00 CAD
$1,995.00 CAD