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Bellezza Valentina V2 Dual Circuit Vibration Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

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Introducing the Valentina, where German Engineering pushes its limits to deliver an exceptional experience. This powerhouse of a machine effortlessly combines the art of milk steaming and espresso extraction, making it a perfect choice for both beginners and seasoned veterans seeking a hassle-free experience. Prepare to astonish your friends and family with the incredible drinks you can craft using this remarkable device.

Founded in 1975 as Beberich Kaffeemaschinen, this family-owned business evolved into Bellezza in 2017. While staying true to their motto of "Espresso - Tradizione," Bellezza fearlessly embraces innovation. The Valentina embodies this spirit, offering a powerful machine at an affordable price, ensuring that everyone can experience the joy of creating exceptional beverages.

The Valentina sets itself apart from other heat exchange machines with its thoughtful features, such as the programmable PID and preinfusion capabilities. These additions elevate the machine's performance, providing enhanced control and precision. Moreover, the Valentina distinguishes itself with its exceptional value and user-friendly operation, surpassing its competitors. Bellezza's ingenuity shines through as they transform impeccably engineered German designs into a unique creation that outshines the rest.

By incorporating a heat exchange system, Bellezza enables you to extract espresso while steaming milk simultaneously, without compromising on quality. This boiler system caters to individuals who appreciate the artistry of beautifully crafted drinks that can rival those served in local cafes.

With the Valentina, Bellezza has crafted a machine that delivers uncompromising performance, value, and simplicity. Prepare to elevate your coffee experience to new heights, as the Valentina empowers you to create masterful beverages with ease.


Pre Infusion

Technical Specifications

Boiler Size 2 L
Boiler Type Heat-Exchanger
Dimensions H 35.5 cm • 14 in
Dimensions L 35 cm • 13.8 in
Dimensions W 28.5 cm • 11.2 in
Input Power 1650
Made In Germany
Number Of Group Heads 1
Portafilter Size 58 mm
Pump Type Vibratory
Rated Voltage Frequency 120V ~ 60Hz
Water Reservoir Capacity 1.8 L
Water Source Water Tank
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Bellezza Valentina V2 Dual Circuit Vibration Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

$1,695.00 CAD

Customer Reviews

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Eric Dore
Bellezza Valentina Espresso Machine

I just bought this and I couldn’t be happier about my choice. It works perfectly and the shipping was really fast. They answered all of my questions fast and even suggested other products according to my needs. Really satisfied and great job team, I wish all the best!