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Bezzera Unica PID Espresso Machine (Chrome)

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Introduction to UNICA PID:

The UNICA PID espresso coffee machine is a top-quality product crafted with professional-grade components, ensuring swift preparation of both coffee and velvety cappuccinos within moments. Utilizing a vibration pump and manual lever group, this machine initiates coffee brewing by lifting the lever to activate the pump. Upon achieving the desired quantity in the cup, lowering the lever stops the coffee brewing process. The group's heating relies on the traditional thermosiphonic heating system.

PID Control System:

Temperature Management: The PID temperature control system offers two distinct programs, empowering users to regulate both coffee and steam temperatures. Users can adjust the coffee temperature within the range of 80°C to 100°C, while the steam program allows temperature settings ranging from 105°C to 120°C.

Material Composition:

Construction Material: Crafted with a stainless steel AISI 304 (14301) body, ensuring durability and a sleek appearance.

Main Features:

Operational Highlights:

  • Steam and hot water delivery facilitated through the steam wand equipped with a lever tap.
  • Precision coffee temperature adjustment enabled by the PID digital thermostat.
  • Inclusion of a coffee pressure gauge for monitoring.
  • Essential components such as a water tank and vibration pump contribute to its functionality.


Removable Water Tank
Touch Display Controls

Technical Specifications

Boiler Size 0.5 L
Dimensions H 14.8 in
Dimensions L 18.7 in
Dimensions W 9.85 in
Input Power 1300
Made In Italy
Pump Type Vibratory
Rated Voltage Frequency 110 / 120V
Water Source Water Tank
Boiler type Single boiler
Number of boiler 1
Material Stainless steel
Pump type Vibratory

What's in the Box

Single and Double Portafilter
Plastic Tamper
Blind Basket
Grouphead Brush
Detailed Manual
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Bezzera Unica PID Espresso Machine (Chrome)

$1,949.00 CAD

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