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Chemex Bonded 100 Filters Pre-Folded Circles (FC-100)

$15.50 CAD
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Here's what sets CHEMEX® Bonded Filters apart as the genuine choice for coffee aficionados:

  1. Prefolded Convenience: They come prefolded, making setup quick and easy.

  2. Cone-Shaped Design: The distinctive cone shape ensures a consistent extraction, resulting in pure coffee flavor.

  3. Compatibility: Designed to fit most other cone-shaped filter coffeemakers, not just CHEMEX®.

  4. Thicker Filter: These filters are thicker compared to competitors (20-30% thicker), effectively keeping bitter compounds, oils, and coffee grounds where they belong - out of your cup.

  5. Oxygen Cleansing: The oxygen cleansing process is bleach-free, guaranteeing that no chemical residue or taste is transferred to your coffee.

  6. Versatile: Suitable for all types of coffee roasts, including tea!

  7. Preferred by Roasters and Baristas: The CHEMEX® brewing system is highly favored by coffee roasters and baristas worldwide.

  8. Responsible Sourcing: The filter paper is produced in the USA using only North American materials, following responsible and sustainable practices.

  9. Easy Cleanup: No need for additional trays or baskets - simply remove the filter and dispose of it.

  10. Compatibility: They fit all CHEMEX® Coffeemakers, except for the three-cup Class Series (CM-1C), three-cup Handblown Series (CM-1), three-cup Glass Handle Series (CM-1GH), and the Funnex (CM-FNX).

Technical Specifications

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Chemex Bonded 100 Filters Pre-Folded Circles (FC-100)

$15.50 CAD