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Kruve EQ Glass Set

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Introducing KRUVE EQ insulated glassware, a scientifically designed collection that allows you to enhance or soften specific flavor notes, just like an audio equalizer. With these glasses, you have full control over your sensory experience!


The EXCITE glass, with a capacity of 5oz (150ml), features a bulbous shape and a generous liquid surface area. Its design effectively traps and circulates aroma while simultaneously softening acidity and enhancing sweetness. This glass is an excellent match for full-bodied, chocolatey, nutty, or dark roasts, providing an enhanced coffee-drinking experience.


The INSPIRE glass, also holding 5oz (150ml), has a narrow inner shape and a smaller liquid surface area. It focuses and funnels the aroma, amplifying the acidity of the coffee. This glass is particularly well-suited for fruity, citrusy, or light roasts, enabling you to fully appreciate their flavours.

Experience Coffee in Perfect Harmony:

With KRUVE EQ glassware, you can elevate your coffee experience by engaging all your senses in perfect harmony. The glasses offer balanced flavour, and enhanced aroma, and are crafted from hand-blown borosilicate glass. The double-to-single-wall construction improves mouthfeel, while the insulation keeps your coffee warm while remaining cool to the touch. For added convenience, these glasses are dishwasher safe.

Important Note: The glasses are not suitable for microwave use due to the presence of a gold leaf logo.


Dishwasher safe
Hand-blown glass
Double to single wall

Technical Specifications

Package Quantity Count 2
Volume 5oz / 150ml
45464077238572 ADS STOCK 1
45464077271340 ADS STOCK 1
45464077304108 ADS STOCK 1
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Kruve EQ Glass Set