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Ditting 807 Shop Grinder (Black)

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Introduction: The 807 grinder series by Ditting represents a professional-grade range catering to the varied needs of coffee shops, roasters, and laboratories. Renowned for its precision grinding technology and robust construction, the 807 series ensures optimal grinding results and user-friendly experiences across different coffee brewing requirements.

Categorized Features:

Grinding Technology & Precision:

  • Premium quality hardened steel burrs for reliable and high-performance grinding
  • Cutting-edge burr geometry for precise and consistent grinding
  • Extra-wide range of grind size adjustments suitable for various coffee types and brewing methods

Grinding Control & Efficiency:

  • Adjustable slide for clean grinding directly into the coffee filter or bag
  • Bag clamping lever and knocker unit to ensure minimal retention and even distribution
  • Anodized aluminum adjustment wheel for convenient and accurate grind settings

Motor Performance & Heat Management:

  • Durable high-performance motor with consistent output
  • Improved heat management with active fans for steady performance at lower temperatures

User Experience & Maintenance:

  • Quiet grinding operation for reduced customer disturbance
  • Modular construction for easy access and maintenance
  • Quick and easy removal of bean hopper and drip tray for cleaning
  • Compact footprint for efficient utilization of space

Aesthetics & Quality Standards:

  • Reflecting the esteemed Ditting standards through elegant design and high-class materials


Burr Diameter 80 mm
Burr material - special steel Burr material - special steel

Technical Specifications

Bean Container Capacity 510 g
Burr Speed 1700
Dimensions H 53.6 cm • 21.1 in
Dimensions L 30 cm • 11.81 in
Dimensions W 21.6 cm • 8.5 in
Grounds Container Capacity 7.5 g
Input Power 500
Made In Germany
Rated Voltage Frequency 120V ~ 60Hz
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Ditting 807 Shop Grinder (Black)

$3,895.00 CAD

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