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Eureka Mignon Libra Grinder with Grind by Weight (Black)

$1,299.00 CAD
$994.00 CAD
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The Eureka Mignon Libra is a groundbreaking grinder that caters perfectly to the home barista. This grind-by-weight grinder revolutionizes the dosing process, ensuring precise and consistent dosing for optimal extraction and flavor in every shot. With its 55mm burrs and adjustable forks, it accommodates various portafilter sizes, offering versatility and convenience.

The Libra features an oversized adjustment knob, allowing easy micro-adjustments to achieve the perfect grind size. Its clear hopper provides clear visibility of the coffee level and can be replaced with a smoked hopper if desired, adding a touch of customization to your setup.

By adopting a grind-by-weight system, the Libra eliminates the guesswork and trial-and-error when switching between different coffee beans. With remarkable accuracy, this grinder can dose within 0.1 grams of its target weight, ensuring consistent and efficient grinding performance.

The Libra's exceptional features and functionality make it an excellent addition to any home espresso setup. It caters to the meticulous nature of home baristas who strive for perfection in every cup. With its sleek design and innovative dosing system, the Libra stands out as a game changer in the realm of home espresso, delivering precision, efficiency, and an elevated coffee experience.


Adjustable Grind Size Micrometric Stepless
Burr Diameter 55 mm
Grinding Mechanisn Flat Burr
Programmable Grind by Weight
Touch Display Controls
Housing color Black

Technical Specifications

Bean Container Capacity 10.58 oz
Burr Speed 1350
Dimensions H 16.9 in
Dimensions L 7.6 in
Dimensions W 4.9 in
Dispensing Method Doserless
Input Power 260
Made In Italy
Rated Voltage Frequency 110 / 120V
Removable Bean Hopper
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Eureka Mignon Libra Grinder with Grind by Weight (Black)

$1,299.00 CAD
$994.00 CAD

Customer Reviews

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The Best One 👌🏻

Ronnie Jones
Eureka Mignon Libra

I bought my Libra from The Kitchen Barista three weeks ago, and I could not be more pleased with the grinder! And first, Yasser and John provided excellent customer service. Grinding by weight removes the guesswork from determining how to get the most from the beans. I can now focus on quickly knowing what to adjust with each type of coffee to achieve the desired results in the cup. So far, I’ve made shots with dark and medium roasts, and the grinds from the Libra, to my surprise, have allowed me to pull all of the flavors and nuances described by the experts on YouTube. My espressos now capture the full aroma of the beans, and Libra’s accuracy makes it a joy to do so. The scale in the Libra tares in the amount of time like any quality kitchen scale. The learning curve to avoiding the “FH” readout on the screen is a very short, and it has not occurred since the second day of use. My Acaia Lunar scale is now used for only timing and weighing the shot. My workflow, for the first time, is streamlined and intuitive. The Libra has made a believer out of me, “the grinder is the most important piece of equipment in making espressos”.
Cashiers, North Carolina