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Eureka Oro Mignon Dolce Vita (Chrome)

$1,099.00 CAD
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Introduction to Eureka Brand and Grinder:

Renowned since 1920 for crafting high-end, precise, and stylish espresso grinders, Eureka stands as an Italian brand with a legacy in delivering exceptional coffee equipment.

Premium Features of Oro Mignon Dolce Vita:

Patented Pure Diamond Burrs: The Eureka Oro Mignon Dolce Vita coffee grinder boasts patented Pure Diamond burrs, known for their extended sharpness and unmatched durability. These burrs retain sharpness over time, ensuring consistent grain size for superior espresso quality. Adding to its allure, the grinder features a chrome-plated aluminum base and a polished aluminum hopper lid, enhancing stability and elegance.

Silent Technology and Portafilter Adaptability: The incorporation of "Silent Technology" enables a remarkably quiet grinding operation, maintaining noise levels at approximately 60 decibels. Furthermore, the grinder's rubber-covered fork offers adaptability for all types of portafilters, including bottomless ones, courtesy of its specialized geometry and adjustable support.

Key Features:

High-Speed Maintenance: The grinder's maintenance process is efficient and straightforward, allowing practical upkeep without compromising the grind adjustment.

Versatile Rubber-Covered Fork: Equipped with a rubber-covered fork, the grinder facilitates "hands-free" operations, accommodating various filter holders, including bare ones, owing to its adaptable support and unique geometry.

Enhanced User Convenience: An extra-comfort button enhances user convenience, offering greater ease of use during operation.


    Grinding Mechanisn Flat Burr

    Technical Specifications

    Burr Speed 1350
    Dimensions H 33.6 cm • 13.22 in
    Dimensions L 12.6 cm • 4.96 in
    Dimensions W 18.6 cm • 7.32 in
    Dispensing Method Doserless
    Input Power 310
    Made In Italy
    Rated Voltage Frequency 110 / 120V


    1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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    Eureka Oro Mignon Dolce Vita (Chrome)

    $1,099.00 CAD

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