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Eureka Oro Mignon Single Dose Grinder v1.1 (Chrome)

$1,149.00 CAD
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The Eureka Oro Coffee Grinder is a remarkable addition to the world of single-dosing grinders, brought to you by a reputable and established brand known for reliability and quality. With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on customer feedback, Eureka has designed and refined the Oro to meet the needs of home coffee enthusiasts.

Eureka, a leading company in the design and manufacturing of elegant coffee grinders since 1920, brings their expertise to the forefront with the Oro. As single dosing gains popularity among home coffee enthusiasts, Eureka embraces this trend by incorporating it into their well-established Mignon series grinder.

The Oro stands out as a faster, quieter, and more compact single-dosing grinder compared to others on the market. It combines the upgraded burr set and exceptional grind quality of the XL with innovative single dosing features such as an inclined design and a blow-up hopper.

To maintain a clean and organized grinding space, the Oro includes a stainless steel dosing cup and a wooden seat for convenient storage.

Using the Oro's dosing cup, simply weigh out your desired dose of whole coffee beans, load them into the hopper, and activate the motor with the switch located on the side of the grinder. Once enough beans have been ground, you can close the metal tab to prevent any remaining beans from "popcorning." Finally, push down on the blow-up hopper to direct as much ground coffee as possible into the dosing cup.

With the Eureka Oro Coffee Grinder, you can enjoy the benefits of single dosing while benefiting from Eureka's expertise and commitment to quality. Its efficient design and thoughtful features make it a standout choice for home coffee enthusiasts seeking exceptional grinding performance.


Adjustable Grind Size Micrometric Stepless
Burr Diameter 65 mm
Grinding Mechanisn Burr

Technical Specifications

Bean Container Capacity 45 g
Burr Speed 1650
Dimensions H 12.64 in
Dimensions L 10.24 in
Dimensions W 5.04 in
Dispensing Method Single Dose
Grounds Container Capacity 45 g
Input Power 320
Rated Voltage Frequency 110 / 120V


1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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Eureka Oro Mignon Single Dose Grinder v1.1 (Chrome)

$1,149.00 CAD

Customer Reviews

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Viken Manoug

Got the grinder very fast and it was more that I have
expected.very fast the grinding and no body waikes in the morning because is very quiet.