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Eureka Oro Prometheus Coffee Grinder (Chrome)

$3,995.00 CAD

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This cutting-edge coffee grinder incorporates a range of innovative features tailored to meet the demands of baristas in commercial settings, prioritizing precision, convenience, and top-tier performance.

Key Features:

User-Friendly Touch Display: The grinder's multi-color touch display offers three programmable doses, an "Extra Dose" mode, and timely service and maintenance notifications, ensuring intuitive operation for baristas.

Automatic Filter Holder Recognition: Utilizing patented technology, the grinder automatically recognizes filter holders, eliminating the need for manual selection, streamlining the grinding process for enhanced efficiency.

Electronic Burr Adjustment: Users have the flexibility to electronically adjust the grinder's burrs, providing precise grind settings accessible via the display or a knob for tailored preferences.

Integrated IoT Connectivity: The grinder seamlessly integrates with IoT connectivity, offering dedicated applications for roasters and users, allowing continuous monitoring and performance evaluation of the machine.

Innovative ELR System for Minimal Retention: Incorporating an innovative ELR system featuring an inclined grinding chamber, this grinder significantly reduces retention for maximum freshness and consistency in coffee.

Temperature-Monitored Cooling System: The grinder's temperature monitoring system within the grinding chamber, combined with a forced cooling system, maintains consistent performance and coffee quality over time.

Silent Technology for Reduced Noise: Utilizing "Silent Technology," this grinder minimizes grinding noise by over 20 dB compared to traditional models, ensuring a quieter working environment.

High-Speed Dispensing and Maintenance: The grinder's special motor-grinder combination allows for high-speed dispensing while maintaining the optimal temperature of the coffee. It also facilitates high-speed maintenance without risking the loss of grind adjustments.

Versatile Fork for Hands-Free Operation: Featuring a universal fork adaptable to various filter holders, including naked ones, with adjustable height, enabling convenient "Hands-Free" operations during grinding.

Enhanced Extraction Safety System: Incorporating a bell extraction safety system adds an additional layer of safety measures during the extraction process.


Burr Diameter 85 mm
Grinding Mechanisn Flat Burr
Touch Display Controls

Technical Specifications

Bean Container Capacity 1.2 kg
Burr Speed 1350
Dimensions H 22.44 in
Dimensions L 9.05 in
Dimensions W 9.05 in
Input Power 510
Made In Italy
Rated Voltage Frequency 110 / 120V
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Eureka Oro Prometheus Coffee Grinder (Chrome)

$3,995.00 CAD

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