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Fellow Stagg EKG Pro Electric Pour Over Kettle (Smoke Green + Maple)

$306.00 CAD
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Smoke Green + Maple
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The Stagg EKG Pro is a remarkable advancement in pour-over kettle technology, offering a range of features and capabilities that elevate the brewing experience to new heights. Here are some key features and benefits of the Stagg EKG Pro:

  1. To-The-Degree Temperature Control: With precise temperature control in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, the kettle heats and maintains the water to your desired temperature with unmatched accuracy. No more guesswork or approximation when it comes to the perfect brewing temperature.

  2. Precision Pouring: The gooseneck spout and ergonomic counterbalanced handle ensure optimal control over the flow rate of water during the pour-over process. Achieve to-the-drop precision and effortlessly create a consistent and even extraction.

  3. Completely Customizable: The Stagg EKG Pro allows you to go beyond just temperature control. You can set your altitude to adjust the boiling point, customize how long the water stays hot, and even schedule the boil time according to your preferences. Enjoy the flexibility to tailor your brewing experience to your specific needs.

  4. Guide Mode: If you're unsure about the brewing parameters for different coffee styles or types of tea, the Guide Mode offers preset temperature options to simplify the process. Select the desired preset, and the kettle will automatically heat the water to the recommended temperature for that brewing style.

  5. High-Resolution Full-Color Screen: The Stagg EKG Pro features an elevated LCD display that provides a clear and vibrant visual interface. Easily monitor and adjust settings with clarity, even during groggy mornings.

  6. Quick Heat Time: Powered by a 1200 watt heating element, the kettle rapidly brings the water to a boil, minimizing waiting time and allowing you to enjoy your perfect cup of coffee or tea sooner.

  7. PID Controller: Utilizing a PID controller, typically found in advanced systems like cars and steam ships, the Stagg EKG Pro maintains the set temperature efficiently and consistently. This ensures a stable brewing environment for optimal extraction.

  8. Brew Stopwatch: Once the water is heated, the built-in Brew Stopwatch allows you to time your pour-over or tea brewing process accurately. Achieve precise brewing times for consistent results.

  9. Updates Over WiFi: Keep your Stagg EKG Pro up-to-date with the latest firmware and features by easily accessing WiFi updates through the Fellow Updater app. Experience continuous improvement and access new functionalities as they become available.

The Stagg EKG Pro is a testament to the dedication of its creators to provide coffee enthusiasts with unrivaled control, precision, and convenience in their pour-over brewing journey. It's a must-have tool for those who appreciate the art and science of brewing coffee or tea.


    Color Smoke green
    Handle Maple


    Auto Shut Off yes
    Customization Temperature
    Schedule Set your kettle to reach a specific temperature at a specific time.
    Guide mode Not sure where to begin? pick a preset temperature for different coffee brewing styles and types of tea.
    Altitude Prevent boiling over by setting the altitude for your location.
    Adjustable hold mode Keep your water hot for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.
    Chime + volume control Hear when your water is ready. turn it on or off and decide how loud.
    Units Pick fahrenheit or celsius.
    Pre-boil Boil at max temperature to sanitize before dropping to your target temperature.
    Language Choose english, french, and spanish.
    Clock Go analog or digital.
    Wifi You aren’t able to control your kettle or its settings via the fellow updater app at this time.
    Materials 304 18/8 stainless steel, plastic handle and lid pull, optional wooden handle and lid pull
    Product certifications Etl compliance, fcc certified, csa certified, ul compliance
    Warnings Ca prop 65

    Technical Specifications

    Dimensions H 11.1 in • 282 mm
    Dimensions L 7.7 in • 196 mm
    Dimensions W 6.77 in • 172 mm
    Input Power 1200
    Package Quantity Count 1
    Rated Voltage Frequency 120V ~ 60Hz
    Thermostat C 100
    Volume 30 oz (0.9 l)
    Plug Type-b (for u.s. and canada)


    1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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    Fellow Stagg EKG Pro Electric Pour Over Kettle (Smoke Green + Maple)

    $306.00 CAD