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Illy E.S.E. Pods Intenso - Dark Roast (18 count)

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Illy ESE Intenso Coffee Pods: Unleash the Bold Symphony of Flavors

  1. Bold and Full-Bodied Perfection: Immerse yourself in the rich and full-bodied experience of Illy ESE Intenso Coffee Pods. Indulge in the intense notes of cocoa and dried fruit, creating a bold symphony of flavors that define the pinnacle of coffee perfection.

  2. Distinct Roast for Maximum Intensity: Choose Intenso for a dark, intense, and full-bodied coffee experience. This roast, part of our trio of distinct roasts - Classico, Intenso, and Forte, offers a unique intensity level, providing a coffee adventure that goes beyond the ordinary.

  3. E.S.E. Precision and Convenience: Elevate your coffee ritual with the precision of Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) pods. Each pod is meticulously dosed and tamped, ensuring a consistently perfect cup of espresso. The environmentally friendly filter paper maintains the critical flavor and aromas, delivering an intense and satisfying brew in under 30 seconds.

  4. Effortless Brewing Process: Experience the bold and full-bodied richness by simply placing an E.S.E. pod inside a compatible machine. In just 30 seconds, revel in the signature illy taste – strong, rich, yet remarkably smooth and balanced.

  5. Environmental Consciousness: Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the design of our pods. The environmentally friendly filter paper ensures a guilt-free coffee experience without compromising on the robust flavors of Intenso.

  6. Decades of Dedication: Illy's legacy of over 80 years shines through in the dedication to refining a singular, signature blend. Intenso is a testament to this commitment, celebrated globally as the pinnacle of what coffee can be.

Unleash the bold symphony of flavors with Illy ESE Intenso Coffee Pods – where intensity, convenience, and environmental consciousness unite to deliver a coffee experience that transcends expectations.

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Illy E.S.E. Pods Intenso - Dark Roast (18 count)

Customer Reviews

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Lise Vezina Prevost
Excellent product and service

I have been using the Illy E.S.E.Pods for over 20 years now.. Since they became harder to find in Montréal, I ordered them from and I have had an excellent service. Thank you so much!
L V. Prevost