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Keurig Plumb Kit for K155 & K150 OfficePro Commercial Coffee Brewing System (Silver)

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$110.99 CAD

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  1. Direct Water Line Connection: This kit enables you to connect your Keurig brewer directly to a water line, eliminating the need to manually refill the water reservoir. This is especially convenient for commercial settings where a constant supply of water is required.

  2. Compatibility: The kit is designed to work with specific Keurig K-Cup Pod brewer models, including B150, B155, K150, and K155. It's essential to ensure that your Keurig model is one of these listed models for compatibility.

  3. Components Not Included: Please note that this kit does not include a filter, water line, or fittings. You may need to separately source these components to complete the water line connection setup.

  4. Installation Instructions: To set up the kit properly, it's crucial to follow the provided installation instructions. Additionally, the kit may require the removal of two black plates or covers from your Keurig brewer before installation. Make sure to follow all instructions carefully for a hassle-free setup.

  5. Automatic Refill: Once installed, this mechanical water reservoir system will automatically refill your Keurig brewer, ensuring a continuous supply of water without the need for manual intervention.

If you plan to install this kit, be sure to double-check the compatibility with your specific Keurig brewer model and carefully follow the installation instructions for a seamless experience.


Coffee Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 cup sizes
Removable Drip Tray

Technical Specifications

Dimensions H 13.9 in
Dimensions L 14 in
Dimensions W 10.4 in
Input Power 1400
Rated Voltage Frequency 120V ~ 60Hz
Water Reservoir Capacity 90 fl oz
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Keurig Plumb Kit for K155 & K150 OfficePro Commercial Coffee Brewing System (Silver)

$119.00 CAD
$110.99 CAD