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Keurig K2500 Water Reservoir

$59.99 CAD
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Keurig K2500 coffee maker. Here are some details about this replacement water reservoir:

  1. Capacity: The replacement water reservoir has a capacity of 110 ounces. This means it can hold up to 110 ounces (approximately 3.25 liters) of water, providing an ample supply for brewing multiple cups of coffee before needing a refill.

  2. Dimensions: The dimensions of the replacement water reservoir are approximately 12.99 inches in length, 9.09 inches in width, and 6.46 inches in height. These dimensions are important for ensuring that the replacement reservoir fits correctly in your Keurig K2500 coffee maker.

  3. Compatibility: This replacement water reservoir is designed specifically for use with Keurig K2500 Coffee Makers. It's important to ensure that your coffee maker is the K2500 model to ensure compatibility. If you have a different Keurig model, it's essential to find the appropriate replacement part for your specific machine.

When replacing the water reservoir in your Keurig K2500, make sure to follow any manufacturer instructions or guidelines to ensure a proper and secure fit. Proper installation will help maintain the functionality of your coffee maker.


Removable Drip Tray
Removable Water Tank
Touch Display Controls

Technical Specifications

Dimensions H 6.46 in
Dimensions L 12.99 in
Dimensions W 9.09 in
Water Reservoir Capacity 110 fl oz • 3.25 L
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Keurig K2500 Water Reservoir

$59.99 CAD

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Traci Montana
Love it!

Great machine. Heats fast, quiet. Good size water reservoir

Very Nice Kuerig Unit for the Office

Recently purchased the K2500 Kuerig from The Kitchen Barista with the water reservoir. Great unit, works fast and consistent and makes a great cup of hot coffee.

Angela Bieker

Love the commercial, coffee maker, and wonderful service! Highly recommend this company! Thank you!

Lucio Mango
The Keurig 2500 commercial series, coffee maker

Several months ago I purchased from the kitchen barista the car 2500 coffee maker that I plumbed into my kitchen. When I made the purchase of this unit which the kitchen barista gave me a fantastic price on there was second to no one. I also purchased a filter that is attached to the rear of the unit then I took it one step further and I purchased.the Waterdrop TSA 8 Layer Under Sink... filtration unit. So my plumbing went through the water filtration unit then it went into the Keurig 2500 filtration unit on the back of the coffee maker and from there it entered the coffee maker. I will tell you this I was so happy to have installed this unit this keg 2500. It makes a fantastic cup of coffee. I don’t use premade coffee pod, I bought a half a dozen of the pods on Amazon and I filled them with Cameron‘s coffee of Minnesota I really enjoyed the breakfast blend. This coffee pot has been the High Point for me every morning since it was installed. I look forward to at least one cup most of the time 2 cups of coffee at breakfast. It was a real pleasure shopping for this unit through the kitchen barista I saved a lot of money and I also saved taxes. I enjoy watching the kitchen barista on YouTube. They have great programs featuring many different coffee makers. I will tell you when you coffee and it’s into the plumbing and you have to fill it again with water. That is the greatest reward you could give yourself, I had a fantastic experience buying from the Kitchen barista I would rate the kitchen barista a five star operation. Do not hesitate making a purchase from them you will be quite pleased.

Draven Harrison
Great machine!

Really happy with this purchase. We got this for our bar we’re installing in our home and it was the perfect addition. My only wish is that it heated a little faster, but I need to learn patience :)