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Marley Coffee Buffalo Soldier Single-Serve Coffee Pods

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"Buffalo Soldier" is a medium-dark roast coffee known for its rich and full-bodied flavor with dark chocolate notes. Here's a breakdown of its characteristics:

Roast Level: Medium-Dark Roast

Tasting Notes:

  • Rich: The coffee offers a depth of flavor, often associated with a full-bodied and satisfying taste.
  • Full Bodied: It has a substantial and robust body, making it a hearty and filling coffee.
  • Dark Chocolate Notes: You can expect to taste prominent notes of dark chocolate, which add a deep, cocoa-like richness to the flavor.

The name "Buffalo Soldier" evokes a sense of strength and resilience. This coffee's soulful and uplifting qualities may be reflected in the bold and satisfying taste it offers. The tasting notes, particularly the dark chocolate notes, suggest that this coffee provides a comforting and indulgent experience. The "rich, roasty finish" indicates that the coffee's flavors develop fully, leaving a lasting impression.

Medium-dark roasts typically strike a balance between the bright and lively flavors of lighter roasts and the deep, smoky characteristics of dark roasts. This makes "Buffalo Soldier" a versatile choice for those who enjoy a well-rounded cup with a robust and chocolaty profile.


Beans 100% Arabica
Profile Medium-Dark Roast
Rainforest Alliance Certified
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Marley Coffee Buffalo Soldier Single-Serve Coffee Pods