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Profitec Pro 300 Espresso Machine (Stainless Steel)

$2,529.00 CAD
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Stainless Steel

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Introducing the Pro 300, a versatile dual boiler espresso machine designed for the ultimate control over your brewing process.

Dual Boiler Flexibility: The Pro 300 offers the flexibility to be used as a dual boiler machine or as a single boiler, depending on your brewing needs. When used as a single boiler, the advantage is the incredibly short 5-minute heat-up time, allowing you to reach the desired brew boiler temperature quickly.

On-demand Heating: With separate stainless steel boilers for steam and hot water, you have full control over when to activate each one. This allows you to have instant access to steam or hot water whenever you need it.

PID Temperature Control: Take control of your brewing temperature with the PID display. Set and maintain your desired brew temperature with precision, ensuring optimal extraction for your espresso. The display also shows the brewing time in seconds, allowing you to monitor and adjust your brewing process for consistent results.

Experience the power and flexibility of the Pro 300, where you have control over every aspect of your espresso brewing.


Cup Holder Material Stainless Steel
Removable Drip Tray
3-way solenoid valve

Technical Specifications

Boiler Type Dual Boiler
Dimensions H 15.16 in
Dimensions L 16.34 in
Dimensions W 10.04 in
Input Power 1600
Portafilter Size 58 mm
Pump Pressure 15.0
Pump Type Vibratory
Rated Voltage Frequency 110 / 120V
Water Reservoir Capacity 101 fl oz
Water Source Water Tank

What's in the Box

1-Spout Portafilter
2-Spout Portafilter
1-Cup Filter
2-Cup Filter
Blind Filter Tamper
Cleaning Brush
Instruction Manual


2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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Profitec Pro 300 Espresso Machine (Stainless Steel)

$2,529.00 CAD