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Whitebird Brewing Scale - KC803

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KC803 Professional Coffee Scale: Precision and Adaptability Combined

The KC803 Professional Coffee Scale is meticulously engineered to cater to the exacting demands of professional baristas, delivering exceptional performance for both filter coffee and espresso-style brewing.

Its versatile LED screen effortlessly adapts to different lighting conditions, featuring a day and night mode to ensure optimal visibility, even in challenging settings near windows.

Equipped with a high-precision sensor, this scale reacts sensitively to the smallest pressure adjustments, guaranteeing precise measurements. Furthermore, the scale is powered by a large capacity lithium battery, providing extended usage before requiring recharging.

One standout feature of the KC803 is its full silicone cover, offering comprehensive protection against spills, a common occurrence during bustling cafe service or groggy home brewing sessions.

The scale offers four distinct settings to accommodate various brewing scenarios:

  • In 'Automatic mode', the scale autonomously tares itself when setting up the brewer, filter paper, and coffee grinds. It then initiates the timer as soon as the first pour begins, ensuring a delightful bloom of freshly ground coffee.

  • 'Ratio mode' is ideal for homebrewers seeking consistent results without worrying about the specific coffee quantity. The second set of numbers displays the precise coffee-to-water ratio, enabling users to achieve their desired strength effortlessly.

  • 'Espresso mode' promptly tares upon cup placement and commences the timer the moment the first drop of espresso touches the porcelain.

  • 'Manual mode' simplifies the process with intuitive button controls for taring, starting, and stopping timers.

Featuring an extended battery life, an adjustable LED screen, and a full silicone cover, the KC803 is meticulously crafted to meet the exacting requirements of professional brewers. Streamline your brewing routine and achieve perfection with ease.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions H 2.35 cm
Dimensions L 16.5 cm
Dimensions W 16.5 cm
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Whitebird Brewing Scale - KC803