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Whitebird Scale Mode KC215A (Black)

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White Bird KC215A Coffee Scale: Precision in Every Brew

For coffee enthusiasts who demand perfection, the White Bird KC215A Coffee Scale is an essential tool. This digital scale becomes your trusted companion, ensuring you achieve the exact coffee bean measurement for consistent results. With a clear LED display and a remarkable precision of 0.1g, you effortlessly measure the ideal bean quantity for your cherished cup of coffee.

Beyond its accuracy, this scale boasts versatility. A built-in timer allows you to monitor your brew or steeping time, guaranteeing that every cup is brewed to perfection. Its sleek design ensures easy storage, and the robust 1000mAh battery guarantees years of dependable use.

Whether you're honing your barista skills or a seasoned pro, this scale fits seamlessly into any home or professional kitchen, ensuring your coffee experience is nothing short of extraordinary.


Auto-tare Auto-tare
Led hidden design Led hidden design
Accurate timing Accurate timing
Precision in 0.1g Precision in 0.1g
Ratio Ratio
Type-c recharging Type-c recharging

Technical Specifications

Dimensions H 23.5 mm
Dimensions L 130 mm
Dimensions W 150 mm
Package Quantity Count 1
Max weight 2000g
Division 0.1g
Power 1000mah
Measuring units G/ oz/ ml

What's in the Box

Scale 1 unit
USB-C cable
Heat Resistant Coaster


1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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Whitebird Scale Mode KC215A (Black)

$75.00 CAD