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Whitebird Smart Brewing Scale - KC215B Pro

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KC215B Pro Coffee Scale: Your Versatile Brewing Companion

The KC215B Pro Coffee Scale is thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of home coffee enthusiasts who delight in both pour-over and espresso brewing methods.

Its compact size allows for seamless integration with your espresso machine's drip tray, ensuring a neat and organized setup. Additionally, the scale can effortlessly accommodate larger vessels used for pour-over brewing, such as a Chemex.

Equipped with four unique settings, this scale offers a range of functionalities. The 'Automatic mode' provides a hands-off experience for pour-over brewing, automatically taring itself and starting the timer when the first pour is detected, allowing for a perfect bloom. In 'Ratio mode', precise coffee-to-water ratios are displayed, ensuring consistency in each brew. 'Espresso mode' tares upon cup placement and initiates the timer as soon as the first drop of espresso hits the porcelain. For simplicity, 'Manual mode' allows easy taring, starting, and stopping of timers with a simple button press.

Switching between grams, ounces, and milliliters is effortless, granting flexibility to measure ingredients in your preferred unit.

The KC215B Pro Coffee Scale is equipped with all the necessary features to bring consistency and comprehension to your brewing process. Its minimalist and modern design seamlessly blends into any coffee station aesthetic, enhancing both functionality and style.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions H 23.5 mm
Dimensions L 130 mm
Dimensions W 150 mm
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Whitebird Smart Brewing Scale - KC215B Pro

$100.00 CAD