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Whitebird Ultrathin Scale - KC203

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KC203 Coffee Scale: Precision and Elegance Combined

The KC203 Coffee Scale offers a refined solution for measuring weight, time, and water-to-coffee ratio during fresh pour-over coffee brewing. With its sleek and low-profile design, this scale adds a touch of modernity to your coffee setup.

One notable feature of the KC203 is its silent setting adjustments, providing a seamless user experience. Unlike many similar scales, the discreet button presses won't disturb the tranquility of your brewing process.

While primarily designed for pour-over coffee, the scale's low profile also makes it suitable for espresso brewing on machines with limited space between the drip tray and portafilter.

The KC203 boasts four convenient settings to cater to the needs of demanding brewers:

  • In 'Automatic mode', the scale takes a hands-off approach, automatically taring itself when setting up the brewer, filter paper, and coffee grinds. It then starts the timer when the first pour is detected, allowing for a perfect bloom of freshly ground coffee.

  • 'Ratio mode' enables homebrewers to achieve consistent results without worrying about specific coffee quantities. The second set of numbers displays the precise coffee-to-water ratio, ensuring desired strength with ease.

  • 'Semi-automatic mode' allows you to prepare your pour-over setup and automatically tares after detecting the addition of freshly ground coffee. The timer starts when it senses the first pour for a delightful bloom.

  • 'Manual mode' offers simplicity by allowing you to tare, start, and stop timers with a simple button press.

With its captivating aesthetic, the KC203 Coffee Scale is a versatile addition to any espresso setup. Its height adds an interesting dimension, making it an excellent choice for both filter and espresso brewing methods. Elevate your coffee experience with style and precision.

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Whitebird Ultrathin Scale - KC203

$60.00 CAD